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Software solutions

Software Freeform

We use modern software to support our design processes. We use several kinds of software to digitally design and produce new models on the computer. The software enables us to make and deliver: digital sketches and complex 3D shapes.

Deltavorm invests strongly in acquiring the best software available. Our designers work on a daily basis with haptic devices enabling visual sculpting. In our opinion, this is the only truly creative and effective solution to design organically shaped moulds. 

Chincilla freeform

You can also provide your own 3D CAD models for Deltavorm. These computer designs can then be transferred into real-life physical objects with CAM-software for our CNC-milling machine.

We can work with whatever material you can provide:

  • Product samples and mould samples; we can digitalise these with our 3D scanner
  • Your sketches; if necessary, we will digitalise and enhance, so that we can use your sketch as the basis of a new 3D design.
  • Your photos; we can import photos to serve as the basis of a 3D design as well.
  • Your CAD files; we can convert practically all formats.