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CNC milling Machine

Deltavorm uses some of the best modern automatic CNC-milling machines. These machines enable us to put the computer designs into real-life physical objects using CAM-software. These computer designs can be CAD designs or (manipulated) 3D laser scans of existing moulds. In practice, this means that almost any model in the computer can be produced automatically, precisely and unmanned. Together with the 3D laser scanner and software that we use, this is what makes Rapid Prototyping possible in our design process.

The production of aluminium moulds and mouldboards is done in-house by CNC machining and can run unmanned for 24/7. The machine’s spindle runs at high RPM in order to make HSM (High Speed Machining) possible and achieve the smoothest surface quality. Our moulds must be smooth for proper printing in starch and the mould boards must be smooth for proper cleaning and maintenance. This machine was installed early 2015 as the first of this type in the Netherlands. 

Cnc milling machine