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Technology and craftsmanship

We use a balanced combination of traditional craftsmanship and the application of high-tech machines and software in our design and production processes. This allows us to use the best of both worlds and come to the best result quickly.

New mould designs will mostly be created with the use of creative CAD software. Deltavorm has multiple licences of some of the world’s best design packages, including packages that work with haptic devices that enable visual sculpting. Working with this kind of high-end software results in superior design quality. Our 2 full-time designers are very experienced and can tackle any design issues that you might encounter.

Mould boards are designed by valuable and sophistacated CAD software like SolidWorks Premium. This package enables us to take all variables into account and simulate and analyse its properties in a virtual setting – ensuring long, safe and proper functioning of the mouldboards.

We use a CNC-milling machine to transform digital designs into physical moulds. With our 3D laser scanner, hand-made designs can become digital designs. Through reverse engineering, these designs can then be manipulated with our CAD software. After that, the resulting new digital design can become a physical object again with the use of our CNC-milling machine. This is what makes Rapid Prototyping possible in our design process, and helps you get what you want quickly and precisely.

Plaster moulds are vulnerable to environmental changes. In order to deliver constant high and reliable quality of the moulds we use laboratory ovens to control several parameters that influence the quality of the moulds.

Our aluminium mouldboards and aluminium moulds are made in-house by use of a High Speed CNC-milling machine. Milling at very high RPM offers some important advantages: reliable operation 24/7, very smooth surfaces, no deburring necessary, high precision, short production times and sterile products straight out of the machine.

Our gluing templates and the stainless steel wire mesh on our mould boards are also made in-house by use of a CNC laser cutting and engraving machine. 

Technology craftsmanship moulds