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White plaster

Plaster material2

Deltavorm has been designing and producing candy shapes in white plaster for over 60 years. Plaster is a natural product. White plastermoulds can be produced quickly, both in small quantities in the design phase, as well as in larger quantities in the production phase. Standard plaster is the most economical choice for low-volume products, because of the relatively low costs and the fine quality end products it will facilitate. 

To prevent plaster shapes or flakes ending up in the product, we used to offer some solutions in our material range. For example, blue plaster is more visible in the production process than white plaster. Plaster shapes with an iron ball can easily be detected with a metal detector if one should break off the printing plate. However, flakes of plaster without a ball in it, remain hard to find. An x-ray detector is normally able to detect small flakes of plaster, but these devices are more expensive than metal detectors (used for detectable plaster) and not yet as widespread in the industry.

For now, standard plaster is not detectable in most production lines and pieces of plaster ending up in the final product cannot be prevented with certainty. Detectable plaster is an alternative to standard plaster that adds one important quality to standard plaster: detectability.