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Detectable elastomer

Elastomer material2

Detectable plaster preserves the good qualities of plaster, but at the same time an adverse property is preserved too: its fragility. This has inspired Deltavorm to look for more alternatives to plaster. We decided that next to a detectable addition to plaster, we should also search for a material that can replace plaster altogether. This search has led us to an elastomer that makes it possible to achieve the same details as plaster.

The elastomer can be supplied in exactly the same size and shape as its plaster predecessor. Furthermore, the rubber-like material is extremely durable and tough and thus virtually unbreakable.

Addition of a low concentration of metal powder makes the elastomer also detectable. The unprecedented strong and tough structure of this product makes it very unlikely that small particles will ever become detached. If an entire form detaches from the mould board, it will easily be detected by a metal detector or taken out by a magnetic filter.

We have put a lot of time and effort in establishing the right shore for this material: hard enough to leave a perfect print in the starch, soft enough to give in if necessary and prevent damage to the mould board, starch tray or the moulds themselves.