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Mould material

Deltavorm has been producing plaster moulds for mogul-lines for more than 60 years. In those years we have improved the plaster that we are using in order to be the best in the industry. You can easily test this, by sanding the bottom side of a mould, and comparing that with the plaster of any other producer. Ours will be tougher, harder and the surface will be smoother.

In addition to standard white plaster, Deltavorm also produces detectable plaster moulds. In case a little piece of plaster breaks off the plate, this now can be detected by a metal detector or filtered by a magnet filter. This way, you can prevent little pieces of plaster ending up in the final product or product packaging.

The third material is detectable elastomer. This rubber-like product is practically unbreakable and can be produced with the existing matrices and thus with low additional costs.

The fourth material is aluminium

Deltavorm recommends you assessing all available materials and will gladly provide you with the necessary samples to do so, free of charge if the matrix is readily available. Testing the alternative materials on a mouldboard in production is necessary, because the results will vary, depending on the starch being used and other local parameters. The outcomes are hard to predict – testing is better. You select the moulds that you consider most suited for testing purposes and we will provide you with samples in alternative materials. Where tests with aluminium moulds are concerned, we can give you a provisional quotation.