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Generic mould board

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A generic “all-purpose board” is low-cost board that can be used quickly for any mould – bear, cola bottle or comforter – they can all be glued to the board. The boards are made of metals like aluminium and stainless steel. Usually, generic mouldboards are sold in larger amounts and kept in stock, so that you can quickly start production after receiving the moulds and gluing template

Generally, moulds will be glued by the client to an all-purpose board with the use of a gluing template. This is fast and a board can be completed at low costs – no specialist needed. All mould materials offered by Deltavorm can be glued to a generic board.

Advantages of all-purpose boards:

  • Low costs: we produce these boards with the same design in larger quantities
  • Versatile: all future products can be produced with these boards
  • Quickly move to production: keep stock and start assembly immediately
  • High return-on-investment for low-volume products or new products