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Mould boards

Mould board

Deltavorm offers full metal moulds boards for any machinefrom W+D, Makat/Bosch, NID and others. We have developed special software called the Mouldboard Modulator, so that we can quickly fit the board to the exact dimensions you need in order to fit your machine. We can send a full digital design and drawings, so that you can easily check dimensions, weight and construction.

Generic mould boards can be used for all products. Any shape and quantity moulds can be glued to these mould boards in order to start production quickly. Typically, these boards are supplied in larger quantities, so that you can keep them in stock ready-to-use.

Airflow mould boards can be used for only one product. The mould board design is optimized for that specific product in order to get the smoothest production, highest yield and best quality end products.

We have developed specialized software in order to quickly and accurately design mould boards. Our Mouldboard Modulator enables us to make the mouldboard fit your machine. The Mouldboard Calculator enables us to optimize Airflow boards. We can calculate what the angle and width the ribs in the board should have in order to meet your requirements. That way, we can make the board very stiff and light and have an open board that will allow the air to flow around the mould.

So, whatever mould board you need, we can design and produce it for you.