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Gluing template

deltavorm gluing template plaksjabloon

Deltavorm can provide a customized gluing template. A gluing template is a tool to glue the moulds to a mouldboard quickly and laser-exact. We can supply a gluing template along with the moulds.

A gluing template is a sheet of silicon that you lay on the moulding board. We have cut out the shape of the moulds with a laser cutting machine. Once the template is positioned correctly on the mould board, the moulds will fit exactly in the template. All you need to do now, is apply some glue in the open spaces of the template and place the matching mould. The mould fits exactly in these open spaces. We can mark any information you need on the gluing template. Usually, we will provide information such as the mould board, the numbers of the moulds and some lines that tha can help you position the template on the mould board. Of course, we can add any information or text that you would like us to include.

The template is made of silicon, so that it does not stick to any glue you might be using. It can be used many times, also for repairs.

Read the instructions for using a gluing template: EN/NL

Some of our customers have tested the templates and compared it to gluing without a template. Based on these tests, they have concluded that the gluing template has a couple of important advantages:

1. Laser-exact gluing - Moulds can be glued onto a mould board with extremely low tolerances. These tolerances will ensure that the spaces between the prints in the starch are sufficient all over the mould board, leading to improved efficiency and less waste.

2. Faster gluing - The time needed to prepare a mould board and glue the moulds depends on the size, shape and quantity of the moulds and the complexity of the lay-out. In general, the reduction will be higher where there is a higher quantity and more complex lay-out. On average, our customers report that with a gluing template the total time needed can be reduced by 50%.

3. No specialist needed - Anyone can glue moulds on a mould board with a template. More importantly, they can do a better job than a specialist without a gluing template! This means that there is no reason for panic or difficult planning if there is only one person able to make new mould boards. More flexible production planning is now possible as well as a reduction of labour costs.

4. Better repairs - The silicon gluing template can be rolled up and stored close by the production system. In case of immediate repairs, the gluing template can be used by machine operators to repair the mould board whenever that is needed. In practice, it turns out that these repairs are performed under time-pressure, which can negatively affect the precision of the repair. The use of a gluing template will make sure this is no longer the case.

5. Low additional cost - It is little extra work to make the gluing template in case Deltavorm designed a new mould for a specific lay-out that you have provided (we call this: design on lay-out). Making sure that the mould will fit your lay-out makes perfect sense: why would you change it afterwards if you already know which lay-out(s) might be used? This way, changing shape and size to fit a lay-out can be prevented. This reduces design costs and development time and opens up the possibility of making a gluing template.