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Deltavorm Glue for Moulds

{modal url="/images/2017/zettex-ms60-glue.png" title="zettex ms60 glue"} zettex ms60 glue{/modal}

Many clients have been asking us for a food-approved, strong and easy-to-use glue for plastermoulds. We can supply Zettex MS60 for this purpose. It works for plastermoulds, detectable plastermoulds and even aluminium moulds. And it is food approved! Please note that is very durable and thus not so easy to remove.

It uses a standard Glue Applicator as shown on the second image, you can get one at every construction market nearby. You can order a tube and get a copy of the Declaration of conformity available via email.

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We can also help you source some alternative glues. We do not supply these ourselves, but we gladly share the product details with our clients and help them find a local distributor.