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Deltavorm Winner Zeeland Innovation Award Emergo 2017

With its Airflowboard, Deltavorm wins the Zeeland Innovation Award Emergo 2017. We have won from the four other nominees: Emergoplus, HemCell, Illuxton International and Prince Kunststof Infra.

Students from HZ University of Applied Sciences have conducted a scan of the innovations per nominated company, to provide the professional jury with information for their opinion. In addition, the ten-person jury visited all nominated companies in order to arrive at a final assessment.

On all fronts, Deltavorm scores highest among the five nominees. The tested criteria include; impact, distinctive and strategic capacity. The jury, in the name of deputy Jo-Annes de Bat, finds Deltavorm demonstrably innovative, progressive and responds best to the (now worldwide) demand. About the product: "It is a hard-fought market, but the competitors are losing it from the Airflow Boards of Deltavorm. I am very impressed and proud of the innovation of this beautiful Zeeland company. ", According to one of the jury members.

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