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New Spheeres ERP System improves Deltavorm’s service level

Over the last two years, Deltavorm has been working hard with the Spheeres team to configure and put into service a new tailormade ERP system. The Spheeres ERP platform is cloud-based and offers modern, powerful and flexible low-coding solutions that Deltavorm uses to improve the service level for its customers. This will allow Deltavorm to keep up with the growth of the customer base, the further expansion of new product types and the ever-higher demands for the timely supply of shape designs and moulds.
The reason for taking the effort to migrate more than 35,000 designs to this new system is to also offer more ease of use to their customers. Besides that, being able to offer many more features to their customers in the future is important for Deltavorm. The old system contained shapes that may be more than 70 years old and were designed before the age of computers. This can be confusing for customers. 
Much easier documentation for customers
In the new system each design will get a unique r. number. All existing numbers from the past will continue to function. This should make documentation much easier for customers. Setting everything up was quite a challenge, because Deltavorm is an early adopter and have chosen a development partnership with Spheeres. Now Deltavorm is a front-runner with a state of the art low-code ERP system. The fact that each mould is a custom design and there are many possible combinations with other products, would prove to be challenging to incorporate in any ERP system. Spheeres manages to take all these complexities into account. Even then, sometimes unexpected events can happen, but gladly, the Spheeres team have been dedicated and quick to assist with fixing any issues. It is great to have a real partner during such an important transition process.
Next: auto-updates, a portal and connections
In the future, Deltavorm intends to further develop the possibilities the new Spheeres platform offers, such as sending automated updates on order progress and opening a portal where customers can look up information on their order history. Many more features are on the roadmap for the coming months such as, storing email correspondence linked to orders, connecting to CAD software and many more.
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