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  • Deltavorm develops gluing templates

Deltavorm develops gluing templates

New product:

“Gluing template”

Deltavorm has developed a new product that will help anyone working with mogul-lines: gluing templates. With a gluing template, anyone can now glue moulds to a mouldboard fast and accurately. It is a sheet of silicon that you lay on the moulding board. We have cut out the shape of the moulds with a laser cutting machine. Once the template is positioned correctly on the mould board, the moulds will fit in the template exactly. All you need to do now, is apply some glue in the open spaces of the template and place the matching mould. The mould fits exactly in these open spaces, we have cut it with only 0,1 mm extra. We can mark any information you need on the gluing template. Usually, we will provide information on the matching mould board, the numbers of the moulds and some lines that will assist you in properly positioning the template. Of course, we can add any information or text that you would like us to include.


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