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New packaging for moulds

You may have noticed Deltavorm recently introduced a new packing method for plaster moulds in order to reduce damage during transport, save transport costs, drastically reduce packaging material and improve the hygiene and quality of packaging and storing of the moulds for our customers.

Deltavorm has been producing and exporting moulds for decades. All this time, we understood our moulds need to be carefully packed, so that they don’t suffer damage during transport to other countries and continents. Furthermore, customers also need to receive a clean mould that is well protected from contamination. Both during transport and storage after delivery.

Oude verpakking

Old packaging

In the past, our moulds were stuck on small sheets of PVC and packed in a plastic bag. This method served our customers well for a long time. However, we thought there was room for improvement.

Our colleagues Angelique, Cees and our intern Nathan van der Neut have developed a new packing method in close collaboration with our supplier of packaging material Weststrate. However, Weststrate proved to be more than just a supplier and acted as a true partner and helped us consistently, patiently and pro-actively for more than a year with our trial-and-error development process. So, here is a well-deserved and big thank you from us to Maikel Simonse and Martin Goossen from Weststrate! 

New packaging Deltavorm

New packaging

Now, right after casting the plaster moulds, we put the moulds in custom made aluminium crates that stack well and are open all around for perfect airflow (yes, airflow is not only important for board design!) for thorough drying of the plaster moulds in our ovens. Then, we developed a customised vacuum forming device that can accurately seal the moulds in a thin sheet of transparent PVC on a special kind of carton. These go straight into a carton box that no longer needs Styrofoam surrounding it.

Deltavorm New packaging for moulds

The new packaging method offers some important benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly (reduction of Styrofoam of more than 50%)
  • Reduction of PVC of more than 80%
  • Lower shipping costs (less 'air' is in the carton, so smaller packages are being moved around the world and this also means lower shipping costs for our customers)
  • Less breakage (better protection against damages during transport, less breakage of moulds)
  • Better hygiene (clean packaging)
  • Better control  (customers can easily check the quality and quantity of the moulds)
  • Better storage (no more double-sided tape that can get stuck to the moulds)
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