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Lightweight mouldboard frame

Deltavorm introduces a new, lightweight mouldboard frame which is easier to handle. This new method saves about 50% weight. The production time does increase slightly because it is no longer possible to pre-produce semi-finished products. Deltavorm customers now have the choice between a lightweight or a normal moulboard.

In order for our customers to handle the Deltavorm mouldboards easier, the model has been put through a weight loss program. The one particular client who started about this slimming has got a background in aerospace - so he knew what could be done with our material and he was right. 

The modular frames (figure below) that we supply are largely prefabricated. So when needed we can have it ready for use in maximum three hours. 

modulair XO frame

New weightsaving mouldboard frame

By making the new frame (Single Piece Machined Frame or SPM-frame, see figure below) out of a single plate of aluminium no joints as in the modular frame are needed and a lot of weight could be saved (approximately 50%). Unfortunately production-time increases and we can no longer use prefabricated parts. 

frame doorzichtige stempelplaat

Both products can easily coexist

By saving weight we’ll be sacrificing some flexibility. Another drawback is that the stock-material will be used inefficiently and we’ll be having rather large pieces of rest-material. 

Colleague Emiel found a smart way to turn those pieces into semi-finished products that can be used for the modular frames. This way both of these products can easily coexist.

This new production still has to crystallize a little further and I expect that we can still gain some efficiency.

modular frames

About ten frames have now been delivered. What we hear is that the low weight is appreciated and that it also looks quite fancy. In the meantime, it has also been implemented for other moguls (see figure 3) and it remains to be seen until the first customer with a 'jumbo-order' presents itself. 

I can’t wait!

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Author: Tjomme de Vries

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