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Innovations 2017

{modal url="/images/2017/deltavorm-bayonet-catch.jpg" title="Bayonet-catch"}{/modal} We have some exciting new products and services we want to share with you.

Technically hygienic Airflowboard 2.0

Our new Airflowboard 2.0 frame is not welded, but milled from one single piece of Aluminum. This way it has no hollow tubes where powder can accumulate. In these special developed Airflowboards we are making use of an integrated bayonet-catch for locking the pressure pins into the frame. This handy innovative solution makes our airflowboards also more hygenic. We make the new frames including the bayonet-catch ourselves with special tools for milling.

Deltavorm Glue for Moulds

We can now offer our own Deltavorm Glue for Moulds. We have been searching for a suitable glue for all our moulds. We did not find the perfect glue. This inspired us to invoke our own "Deltavorm MS Polymer Glue for Moulds". And it is food contact approved! (documents available) You can find more information about Deltavorm Glue for Moulds here.

Eyecandy for everyone

Because we design the most beautiful shapes for you, we already have the perfect recources to render them as real candy. Clean, high resolution images that realy pop. In every position and lightning you can imagine. You can have pixel-perfect pictures even before production. On the moment we are making a big effort to implement all materials our clients work with. If you have a challenging material, send us a sample so we can append all visual characteristics.

For all these new products and services you can contact us via email or phone.

{modal url="/images/2017/DeltavormMSPolymer.jpg" title="Deltavorm MS Polymer"} {/modal} {modal url="/images/2017/Candypets3.jpg" title="Candy Pets Render"} {/modal}
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