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Dutch MKB Innovation Top 100 2017

On Thursday, September 21, 2017, the Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Financial Telegraph, presented the 12th ranking with 100 concrete innovations that the Dutch small and medium-sized company has achieved.

We are proud to share that Deltavorm has conquered the 50st place in the MKB Innovation Top 100. We achieved to get this spot because of our innovative products such as our constantly improving airflowboards.

A Deltavorm Airflowboard is an optimised mouldboard for the specific moulds on that board. And each Airflowboard has an unique design. The aim is to optimise the air flowing through the board when it is being moulded and demoulded. This can be achieved by making the board as open as possible. Each AirflowBoard is optimised to achieve the best possible print quality, yield maximisation, the longest life span of parts and low maintenance in general.
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