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Deltavorm – Angelique

“Als een kind in een snoepwinkel”
“Bij Deltavorm heb je alle vrijheid om jezelf te ontwikkelen. Als je iets ziet dat beter of anders kan en initiatief toont dan is dat altijd goed. En ik heb veel interesses, vind veel dingen leuk om te doen. Eigenlijk heb ik dat altijd al gehad, dus daarom vind ik het werken hier zo interessant. Dat ik allround ben komt hier heel goed uit.”

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Vacature: CAD/CAM werktuigbouwkundige

Het team engineering van Deltavorm gaat wat gebukt onder haar eigen succes. Zelf ontwikkelde, innovatieve producten zijn zo goed aangeslagen bij onze klanten dat, ondanks een flinke groei in capaciteit, de vraag nog wat sneller toeneemt. Het engineering team van Deltavorm zoekt daarom een vijfde collega. Dus ben jij een CAD/CAM werktuigbouwkundige?

Bekijk dan de vacature waarin je leest:

  • Wat werken bij Deltavorm inhoudt
  • Waar we naar op zoek zijn
  • Details van de functie
  • Wat wij je kunnen bieden

Bekijk de vacature hier (pdf).

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RIP Arie Roon

The Master of Plaster is no more.

With dismay and sadness we have taken note of the sudden and unexpected death of our colleague Arie Roon.

Arie has designed candy forms for 25 years at Deltavorm. First by using a knife to cut shapes from plaster and later digitally. This earned him the honorary title of Master of Plaster. In his working life he has shaped some 15,000 different sweets that are eaten all over the world. We will miss his creativity, unerring memory, sharp humour and fine character. He was 40 years old.

Our thoughts go out to his family, friends and acquaintances.

The colleagues of Deltavorm

Arie mesjes 1x

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Deltavorm Winner Zeeland Innovation Award Emergo 2017

With its Airflowboard, Deltavorm wins the Zeeland Innovation Award Emergo 2017. We have won from the four other nominees: Emergoplus, HemCell, Illuxton International and Prince Kunststof Infra.

Students from HZ University of Applied Sciences have conducted a scan of the innovations per nominated company, to provide the professional jury with information for their opinion. In addition, the ten-person jury visited all nominated companies in order to arrive at a final assessment.

On all fronts, Deltavorm scores highest among the five nominees. The tested criteria include; impact, distinctive and strategic capacity. The jury, in the name of deputy Jo-Annes de Bat, finds Deltavorm demonstrably innovative, progressive and responds best to the (now worldwide) demand. About the product: "It is a hard-fought market, but the competitors are losing it from the Airflow Boards of Deltavorm. I am very impressed and proud of the innovation of this beautiful Zeeland company. ", According to one of the jury members.

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Nomination Zeeland Innovation Award Emergo 2017

We have been nominated for The Zeeland Innovation Public Award Emergo 2017. They made a short promo for us.
The Zeeland Innovation Public Award Emergo is awarded annually to the Zeeland entrepreneur with the most appealing innovation. The aim of this prize is to stimulate and appreciate Zeeuwse innovation and promote fame for Zeeuwse innovations within and outside Zeeland.
You can vote until November 7th.

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Innovations 2017

We have some exciting new products and services we want to share with you.

Technically hygienic Airflowboard 2.0

Our new Airflowboard 2.0 frame is not welded, but milled from one single piece of Aluminum. This way it has no hollow tubes where powder can accumulate. In these special developed Airflowboards we are making use of an integrated bayonet-catch for locking the pressure pins into the frame. This handy innovative solution makes our airflowboards also more hygenic. We make the new frames including the bayonet-catch ourselves with special tools for milling.

Deltavorm Glue for Moulds

We can now offer our own Deltavorm Glue for Moulds. We have been searching for a suitable glue for all our moulds. We did not find the perfect glue. This inspired us to invoke our own "Deltavorm MS Polymer Glue for Moulds". And it is food contact approved! (documents available) You can find more information about Deltavorm Glue for Moulds here.

Eyecandy for everyone

Because we design the most beautiful shapes for you, we already have the perfect recources to render them as real candy. Clean, high resolution images that realy pop. In every position and lightning you can imagine. You can have pixel-perfect pictures even before production. On the moment we are making a big effort to implement all materials our clients work with. If you have a challenging material, send us a sample so we can append all visual characteristics.

For all these new products and services you can contact us via email or phone.

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Dutch MKB Innovation Top 100 2017

On Thursday, September 21, 2017, the Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Financial Telegraph, presented the 12th ranking with 100 concrete innovations that the Dutch small and medium-sized company has achieved.

We are proud to share that Deltavorm has conquered the 50st place in the MKB Innovation Top 100. We achieved to get this spot because of our innovative products such as our constantly improving airflowboards.

A Deltavorm Airflowboard is an optimised mouldboard for the specific moulds on that board. And each Airflowboard has an unique design. The aim is to optimise the air flowing through the board when it is being moulded and demoulded. This can be achieved by making the board as open as possible. Each AirflowBoard is optimised to achieve the best possible print quality, yield maximisation, the longest life span of parts and low maintenance in general.
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LHT Consultancy and Eagle Vision develop DTV-System

“Break-through innovation 'Dirty Tray Vision System' for starch depositing lines”

LHT Consultancy and Eagle Vision have developed a high-tech automatic quality monitoring system for starch depositing lines (ie mogul-lines). The Dirty Tray Vision (DTV) System checks each and every starch tray immediately after printing and can be programmed to take action if the tray is flawed. This offers spectacular benefits in terms of quality, waste reduction, manpower and many other aspects of the production process and of the end products. Check out the video to learn all about it!

Please visit the site for more information.

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Deltavorm develops gluing templates

New product:

“Gluing template”

Deltavorm has developed a new product that will help anyone working with mogul-lines: gluing templates. With a gluing template, anyone can now glue moulds to a mouldboard fast and accurately. It is a sheet of silicon that you lay on the moulding board. We have cut out the shape of the moulds with a laser cutting machine. Once the template is positioned correctly on the mould board, the moulds will fit in the template exactly. All you need to do now, is apply some glue in the open spaces of the template and place the matching mould. The mould fits exactly in these open spaces, we have cut it with only 0,1 mm extra. We can mark any information you need on the gluing template. Usually, we will provide information on the matching mould board, the numbers of the moulds and some lines that will assist you in properly positioning the template. Of course, we can add any information or text that you would like us to include.


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Video of a Deltavorm design process


“Meet the Candy Pets”

To guide you through the design process we came up a fictitious assignment, the Candy Pets. We made a short video to show what is possible in a typical design process. The design process begins with sketching the appearance of the Candy Pets. The shape of the moulds and their position on the nozzle plate lay-out are designed simultaneously – this is called designing on lay-out. The process results in a set of moulds and gluing template: ready for production!


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Deltavorm nominated for 'Emergo Innovation Award 2012'


“Deltavorm nominated for 'Emergo Innovation Award 2012'”

Deltavorm has been nominated for this year's Emergo Innovation Award. The Emergo Innovation is an award from the province of Zeeland and the Syntens Innovation Centre. The prize is awarded every year to a business which has succesfully realized an innovation. Omroep Zeeland is airing a special about each business every week. Click the following link to view the Deltavorm clip, http://www.omroepzeeland.nl/emergo

Visit the web page and vote for us to win the prize for most popular innovation.

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