Plaster samples for laboratory testing

Plaster samples

Within a couple of days after your approval of the 3D proposal, we will create and ship two physical plaster samples per design. These samples can be used for laboratory testing. It is basic procedure that you will be sent two samples for free – the price is included in our design work. In case you need more than 2 samples, we can quote the additional costs.

Each new design has a unique number that you will be asked for if you order it later. You can find the number written on the sample, on the packing list and the invoice. Having the number ready when ordering the moulds will save time and prevent unfortunate mistakes.

After successful laboratory tests, a larger quantity of moulds can be ordered for full-scale production. Deltavorm offers the widest range of materials from which we can produce your moulds: standard (white) plaster, detectable (grey) plaster, detectable elastomer and (PTFE coated or polished) aluminium.

Production of these moulds in the materials standard plaster, detectable plaster or detectable elastomer requires a matrix. A matrix is a production tool we need for the production of (detectable) plaster and elastomer moulds. This matrix will be stored in our archive for future use. Once a matrix has been made, a unique number will be assigned to it. You will find this number on the packing list and the invoice.