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Design and production of mouldboards for mogul-lines

Design board

Deltavorm can design and produce mould boards for mogul-lines (starch depositing machines). Mogul-lines use a board that holds the moulds at the correct positions, so that they are pressed into the starch correctly. The moulds can be glued to the board with a gluing template or screwed to the board. In practice, there are many types of mouldboards and they are produced in many materials like wood and metal. Deltavorm believes wood will disappear from food production environments in the future and only offers metal mouldboards for that reason. We can make sure they fit your machine and your preferences. Deltavorm has developed the most elaborate design concept for mouldboard. It enables us to design boards that match your needs exactly. 

You can align the engineering level with the importance of the board: the higher the production volume and the more complex the product, the more time we will spend to optimize the board. For example, you can choose a generic all-purpose board to produce a low-volume product, or a completely customized Airflow board for a high-volume product. In many cases, it makes sense to start production with a generic board and move to an optimized airflow board later if the product is successful.

Mouldboards mogul-lines