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Design and positioning of moulds on a nozzle lay-out

Providing Deltavorm with the lay-out of the nozzle-plate and the required dimensions and volume for the product will enable us to make an efficient design and help you save time and money.

We can help you use the existing nozzle plates in order to produce completely new products on these nozzle plates. We can check which of the current layouts is most suitable and provide you with a proposal for the mould positioning matching the existing nozzle plate(s).

These lay-outs will be kept for future reference, ensuring the most efficient fit for all your orders. If you choose the lay-out after we make a design, it might very well be necessary to change shape or dimensions. These changes take time and cost money. Both can be prevented by designing to lay-out right from the start. It has several big advantages:

1. Shorter development time as fewer modifications are needed

2. Lower total design costs as fewer modifications are needed

3. More efficient fit on lay-out leads to: better looking designs, higher yield per tray and less production difficulties

4. A gluing template can be supplied along with the stamps in the same time