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3D proposals

3D PDF Candy Pets screenshot

After your approval of the digital sketch we will create a digital 3D design. We will send it to you per e-mail and you can open it with Adobe Reader. We will include the precise dimensions and the volume of the mould. When we have been provided with the density of the product recipe we will be able to send you the maximum weight of the final product as well. 

You will be able to see what the final mould will look like. The 3D PDF provides complete information about the shape of the final mould. This way, the design can be evaluated together with all the parties involved. Of course, the result is open for discussion. It is easy to take a screen shot of the proposal and add your comments on a proposal. This is a very effective way to discuss design proposals.

Chinchila bounding box

A bounding box will be included - see example. This file shows you the width, length and height in millimetres of the design. Usually, a 3D design will take between two to three hours to make depending on the complexity of the design. When an existing design has to be adapted we can first send you a 3D proposal of the changes together with the new dimensions or weight of the final product.

Download the bounding box of the Chinchilla