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Design of moulds for mogul-lines

We believe that no matter what sport you choose, if you want to excel in that sport, you need at least two things: talent and practice. Preferably a lot of both. As a rule of thumb, an athlete needs talent and at least 10 000 hours of practice to have a chance to make it to the Olympics. We think talent and a lot of practice is also needed to become the best designer of candy shapes.

Deltavorm is arguably the most experienced design company for confectionery moulds. This experience has materialised into the world’s largest collection of confectionery moulds, consisting of more than 35 000 designs. Presently, we employ 5 full-time designers. Per year, more than 1 500 new designs are being added to our collection.

Besides experience, we have the possibility to work with modern technology such as haptic devices, a 3D laser scanner, quality control software, a wide range of the most sophisticated CAD/CAM software packages on the market and cutting-edge CNC-milling machines.

It is precisely this combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology that has led us to develop designing on lay-out. Designing on lay-out is our answer to today’s challenge of ever shorter development times, better looking end products and higher efficiency and production rates. 

Designing on lay-out means we design the mould and at the same time, we make sure it fits the lay-out. This process is shown in this video. Designing on lay-out is a crucial step; it affects development times, the quality of the end-product and the production volume of our clients. That is why we rely on the most talented and experienced full-time specialists in the business.